Hey There - I'm Chris and I help busy adults create a great home yoga practice to help improve their lives.

My Story -- I spent the majority of my adult life in the corporate world selling financial services. The problem with this career was the amount of time spent sitting at work all day. The commute through Denver’s unforgiving traffic didn’t help either. There was little time available to move my body and provide it with the exercise it needed. As a result, I became a weekend warrior, biking, hiking, and skiing. I crammed in whatever I could during the short two day period before starting the grind over again on Monday. This began to take its toll as the years went by - an angry lower back, sore knees, and all around stiffness.

I discovered yoga on a whim one day when my wife asked me to join her for a class out of the blue. It felt great! The one class soon became a regular practice. Yoga provided an effective counter balance to the rigors of the 9-5 routine. My lower back began to feel better. I felt more flexible. I was getting stronger in a way that differed from the results of a typical gym routine. I was hooked and found myself making the time to practice a solid 5 or more days per week.

A few years went by before I enrolled in my first teacher training at a local Denver studio. My goal was to learn more about aspects of yoga you don’t learn in a 60 minute yoga class, such as anatomy, history, and philosophy. Soon afterwards I found a teaching gig at a local Denver studio a few nights a week. I enjoyed helping students discover the benefits of yoga. Not only the physical benefits but also the aspect of creating deeper connections and cultivating a greater sense of presence on and off the mat. My passion for yoga has continued to grow and I’ve recently completed a 500 hour training program with the great Jason Crandell.

I’ve left the corporate world a few years ago and have made it my mission to help busy adults navigate their own unique path of transformation through the practice of yoga. My approach to teaching is thorough, methodical, never rushed. I enjoy helping students explore the physical practice of yoga whether it’s their first class or their 100th. You can currently find me online creating power flow and beginner yoga class content. Click the links in my library to catch my recent video creations. See you online!